Breakaway – Expeditionary Force 12

By Craig Alanson

The Merry Band of Pirates offered the bad guys a ceasefire. We won’t mess with them, if they don’t mess with us. Easy, right?


My take on it

After the 11th. book i started to fear if the story was slowing down, could skippy and Joe actually make it through? Would it be a believable course they would be taking?

Yes. Because before there were scared joe, now theres Angry Joe!

It’s time to hurt the maxolhx, and any that stand in their way, because they have to get a way to save Earth from an ice age!

The story is interesting and never dull! I read it in less than two days, and i just got sucked into it.

Future Plot

The book also eludes to an actual future plan for humanity and their allies, which makes me excited for the coming books.

I hope the elders will be explored more, since it is an interesting civilization, and maybe also find out more of what is outside their protected galaxy? What enemy is out there.

All in all, im hopefull and can highly recommend this book aswell as the others in the series!

My Rating

I give it 5/5 stars

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