Failure Mode: Expeditionary Force, Book 15

By Craig Alanson

When a mission ends in disaster—there is no way to achieve the objective, no way to regroup and try again, no plan B, no hope—all you can do is fall back into FAILURE MODE and try to salvage whatever you can.

…if it is even possible to save anything, or anyone.

The galaxy is doomed. Monkeys may be clever and too stubborn to give up, but Skippy The Idiot Who Got Played knows the harsh truth: this is a fight he can’t win. The odds are not only stacked against him, he was designed not to win this fight.

Maybe he can salvage some faint memory of the civilizations that inhabit the galaxy, but those beings are doomed. Doomed. Including the Merry Band of Pirates.

I said it in the last review of book 14 Match Game, The stakes has never been higher.. AGAIN!

Last book of the series

In this last book we finally get to see the end of it all, it is a thrilling and exciting book that is filled with despair of the impending doom. The Elders are returning!

The Elders

We finally get to hear more about the Elders, who they actually are, and their sociaty. Which is something I have massively wanted to hear more of.

We also see Skippy grow into himself, along with Joe. The weight of the responsibility and knowledge that everything is fucked, plays a large part of it.

My Rating


Im giving it a 4.6 out of 5, it is almost perfect, but in my personal opinion the ending is a bit more open ended than I would have liked.

So I’m hoping for an Epilogue or something, even a short story would do.

But after 15 books, I can say that it has been an amazing journey, that I hope you the reader, will partake in for yourself.

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