Fallout – Expeditionary Force 13

By Craig Alanson

The problem with lying about having a super weapon, is that the bad guys might believe they have nothing to lose by doing something stupid that both sides will regret. Or, they might just call your bluff. Either way, the Merry Band of Pirates need a plan to deal with the Fallout.

Longer and deeper

The thirteenth book in the series dives deeper into the ever deepening troubles that Joe and Skippy and by extension the human race gets into.

The plot evolves around the greater interactions between the apex species, and the issues that are with negotiating with such. And ofcourse the threat of the other species along with the cloud currently freezing the earth.

It was a fun read, though it did feel a bit stretched in the middle, but powering through that will be worth it, for the fantastic finish which again Joe manages to pull through along with his merry band of pirates.

I love the furthering of the plot that is finally revealed more of, which also sets the plot for the next book, which is going to be even more Epic and fantastic than this one.

It is well worth the read! And I can highly recommend it!

My Rating


With a 4.7 out of 5 it is definitely up there with the best of them, but the middle did take some trudging to get through which is why I can’t give it the top marks.

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