3 Slytherin Marauders

A very different turn of events as “Harry & Dudley flee an abusive Vernon to Severus Snape. Severus finds a new home for himself & the boys with dragons and hunt the Horcruxes from there. The dragons, especially one become their allies. Tom R is VERY different.”

Alot of things are very different in this story, with Snape taking over both Harry and Dudley, a very different story is playing out.

With a dragon reserve and a Tom Riddle mixed into the story a new hero is brewing, someone who will help defeat The Dark Lord.

There is a bit of redemption in this one, which is a unique take compared to other fanfictions.

It definetely has its ups and a couple of downs, but is also a very good and enjoyable read.

Its difficult to write a review about this one, since every detail I could tell would spoil an essentail part of the plot.

So all I can tell is that its a good read, no one will regret taking the time to read it.

Overall Rating

Plot & Characters


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