A New player in the force

A soldier wins an afterlife lottery and is given the chance to live again in another universe with access to lite-Gamer powers.

A fantastic Star wars fic with a different spin

The story is about a guy who reincarnates with gamer powers and a system.

It takes place before things kick off in the Star Wars universe, and follows the actions and decisions of the main character. Through the game system he gets quests/missions and gains powers. Its a very well written story that is on its second book, currently being written.

2.nd Book – The Gathering Storm: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13959006/1/A-New-Player-in-the-Force-The-Gathering-Storm

My opinion

It is very well written, with exciting plots and story points, it takes turns and explores facets of the star wars universe that are not normally told.

The second book is still in progress, but the story is well worth it to read, i can highly recommend it!


Plot & Characters


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