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So since I read alot of fanfiction, I thought I would make a Top List of all my recommended fanfictions, that any avid reader of fanfiction should read!

My main focus on fanfictions has so far been on Harry Potter, Marvel and DC.

I also tend to favor the reincarntion stories, since they often bring the most fun perspective in my opinion. Like what could a reincarnator do to get the most out of the new life, in a world where the person knows some or most of what is going to happen?

Harry Potter

  1. HP: A Magical Journey
  2. Harry Potter And the methods of rationality
  3. Post-Apocalyptic Potter from a Parallel Universe
  4. Phoenix Reborn
  5. Harry Crow
  6. 3 Slytherin Marauders
  7. Harry Potter: A certain Hogwarts professor of magic
  8. Harry Potter and the rise of the protector
  9. Harry Potter and the Mutant Obscurus Gamer
  10. Magical Marvel
  11. Harry Potter and the Dimentional Wizard
  12. Harry Potter Blood of the dragon


  1. Marvel: Mr. President
  2. Marvel: Gamer Path
  3. Breezing through history as an Eternal
  4. I am Krillin!
  5. My Marvel Reincarnation
  6. Ultimate Cypher
  7. Mechamorph with ironman


  1. Marvel Mutant in DC
  2. Just Saiyan

Will be updated

I will be keeping the page updated as much as possible, and mark them complete / on-going or in-complete.

In the future I will also be adding individual reviews of each with links to where you can read them.

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