Harry Potter And the Methods Of Rationality

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky

A fun and very well written story, beyond the norm!

Harry Potter, not the starved and beaten boy, but a genius level intelligence child, who has loving parents, and a love of science.

With rationality and science Harry tries to conquer the world, “I mean improve it”.

With a completely new take on Voldemort and his take on magic, pranks and the world around him, this is a fun to read story, that I had trouble putting down.

The dialogue is fantastic, the plot is great, and the humor is superb!

It follows in general terms the canon plot line, but only lasts the first year.

This does mean that it has a high pace, meaning it will never be a boring read.

I can highly recommend the story, I found myself laughing multiple times throughout the story, read it if you have even the slightest love of fanfictions, or even just the Harry Potter world.

Overall Rating

Plot & Characters


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