Harry Potter & The Lightning Lord

This is smart! Powerful! Ravenclaw! Harry; How would the wizarding world react to a Boy Who Lived who is much different from what they expected? One that is set to change the course of the magical world forever?

Fast Paced

This story is fast paced, and quickly gets to its point.

It also doesn’t hold back on the fact that Harry hates Dumbledore, and that he is truly a manipulator and a bad guy.

The story is about a merging of memories, abilities of Harry Potter and Voldemort.

A bit quirky

The story is a bit of a mash together of alot of different things that could seem cool, like the fact he has a Thunderbird as a Familiar, but doesn’t really change much in the story it self. Or the fact he gets a dog, which again doesn’t really affect the story in any meaningful way.

I like the general story, about a smarter Harry, but I’m rarely a fan of the bashing of the original characters, the few flaws that they have in the books are blown up to massive proportions in this story.

The story is complete as is, but hints from the other is he will do a part 2, though the story in it self is finished at this point.

Although it might not receive a rating higher than a 3 stars, in my opinion, it was still an ejoyable read. If it maybe was rewritten and trimmed a bit I would enjoy it more.

My Rating


Plots & Characters


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