Mason Aves The Wizard

A 25 year old man merged with the body of a 5 year old British child. In 1924. As a Wizard

A different take on the Harry Ootter verse

The story does not take place in the normal time period, this takes place in 1924, where Mason Aves reincarnates and becomes a wizard.

Mason is a former adult in a childs body, this does play somewhat into the story but is quickly skipped over. It is not a story that places much emphasis on Hogwarts it self, since it very quickly progresses to him gratuating before time, and going on adventures.

It is these adventures that make the story so good!

He joins the army and ends up leading the Howling Commandos in some pretty epic fights against Hydra with Captain America at his side.

He even ends up going back in time to the time of the eqyptians, where he studies in the very library of alexandria it self!

Gods, powerful beings and immortality

Mason does end up becoming very powerful, but not to the point where he will not face challenges. And unfurtunately the author ends up with some Dumbledore bashing as many others tend to do.

He ends up as a champion of magic, that helps save the magical world as a whole.

I know thats a bit of a spoiler, but it doesn’t fill the story as a whole, it’s more like it is a small part of it.

My Opinion

The story is very good in my opinion, but does have some pitfalls that alot of authors tend to fall into. But nevertheless it is well worth a read.

My only major gripe, is that this could easily have been just a marvel story where the OC could do magic, because the magical world is only a very small part of the story. There are some major plot points that could have been explored and would in it self have made a great story.

My second gripe is that he did not complete the story, he just stopped it, so yes its an INCOMPLETE story.. But read it anyway, its good!

My rating


Plot & Characters


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