Phoenix Reborn

Hermione Granger is transported back in time by unknown powers, back to the time of the Marauders in the body of Hermione Potter, brother of James Potter.

The story concentrates around her experience in Hogwarts, the 7 years, and the war with Voldemort.


It is an intriguing take on the fanfictions of Harry Potter, and with a new take on the normally “bad” people aka Death Eaters. She helps create a conspirary to help overthrow Voldemort along with selected people.

Hermione meshes with the new Hermione Potter, becoming a sort of new person, but retaining the memories of her old life. This creates some challenges, but entertaining.

My only gribe

My only gribe may be that the story is in some ways very superficial, and doesn’t go indepth and is not very action packed. It is more about her experiences and the whole social aspect of being a pureblood and a woman.

The story is definetely worth a read, it has a nice pace throughout so you don’t feel its boring at any point.

My Rating

Overall Rating

Plot and Characters


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