Post-Apocalyptic Potter from a Parallel Universe

This fanfiction is about a very different Harry Potter, a man who finally defeats Voldemort, but at a cost of his world.

As his world is destroyed and he battles Voldemort, while Voldemort is performing a ritual that will take him to an entirely new world, Harry gets pulled with him.

Harry Potter is a war veteran with great gifts, alot of power and alot of friends.

The new world is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he will join in the battle for the good of the universe.

The story is complete

A well written fanfiction that has a great story centering around the marvel world, where a very powerful Harry influences the outcome of the world, and everyone around him.

I personally like alot because of the friends and family elements, besides the great battles and magic.

It is a nice shift from the normal reincarnation stories, and has a very well thought out plot.

So I can highly recommend this, for anyone who likes marvel and Harry Potter.

Overall Rating

Plot & Characters


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