Purple Days

From one day to the other, Joffrey Baratheon wakes up a changed man. Far from the spoiled boy-child known to the court of King’s Landing, the Joffrey that comes out of his room three days after the death of John Arryn walks with the stride of a veteran commander and leader of men. A scholar, a sea-captain, a general, a lover. This is the story of how he became that man, and how he came to know his purpose through a cycle of endless death and rebirth that saw him explore both his self and the known world from Braavos to Sothoryios and from Old Town to Yi-Ti… and beyond. 

Intriguing and exciting!

This story tells it from Joffreys perception, we see his entire character development of going from the hated prince / King of the seven kingdoms, to a likeable, good man.

It’s fascinating too explore more of the world of Game Of Thrones, not seing just westeros, not just being about swords and knights, it’s so much more!

We see Joffrey travel the world, live lives that are not about being king, but about being a good person, a good leader, a good friend.

Long and sweet

The story is over 800k words, so there is plenty of material, and it has a new take on the whole white walker, which in my opinion is a really cool plot point, exploring stuff that are beyond just the original material.

It is well worth a read!

I give it a 4.5 / 5.


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