Rebirth of Ares

The System Lord Ares crash lands on Earth and takes a new host, sounds simple but no, the host fights back and wins learning everything about the Goa’uld and decides to try and help Earth from out there in the galaxy with a domain at his back, what could go wrong

SG1 and the Goa’uld

A regular guy (James Evans) encounters a Goa’uld who crash lands on planet earth, with a badly damaged host it tries to take over James Evans but fails, and James ends up taking the place of a System Lord!

It’s an interesting concept, the author does skip over some things, where James adapts incredible quickly to acting like a System Lord and Goa’uld. But aside from that we see James now Ares God of War as he brings about more “human” changes to his domain, better tactics in battle, better treatment of his people, and higher standing of living and education.


The story goes from before SG1 to after Atlantis, we see now Ares, as he develops technology, deals with the other System lords while trying to protect Earth and maintain his image as another System lord.

It makes for a compelling reading, though with some rough patches as we never really dive into details of his domain or any of the actual discoveries or even the culture of the ancients.

It simply glosses over it.

´Though I will still say it is worth a read, unfortunately it is not a complete story! The finishing chapter is more of a how the author thought he would finish it, without really finishing it.

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