Curved Fiberglass core

So here is my process for making custom curved fiberglass cores.

First you need to get the fiberglass cores and the special glue.

The cores can be bought from here:

You need a total of three for each core you wanna make.

The glue can be bought at the same place here:

Besides that you need the following:

  • One or two heat guns (hair driers are not enough)
  • Laser thermometer
  • Thermometer (like for meats can be used)
  • Screws
  • Nails

You need to make a box that is large enough to contain the curve you want to make.

Here i have made it slightly larger since i plan to make more cores at the same time.

Before applying glue, slightly scuff the cores with sand paper, to better enable bonding.

Each core is coated in the glue on the side which are going to stick together.

Then i added tape to keep them from sliding to far from each other.

I use normal screws to keep the core in place, as well as nails underneath so it doesn’t glue onto the wood.

Tip: Use a single 3mm. core to plan out your curve, and place the screws so the core will maintain the shape.

When the glue has been applied remember to press down the core, so they are all flat.

I placed a top on my form, with two holes in it on each side, and a couple of smaller holes to measure temperature.

I found that i needed to maintain heat in the “oven”, for about 45 min. But remember to read the instructions on the glue, since the glue will become stronger if baked.

After baking the core i waited for another 24 hours, before taking the core out.

Be wary of the heating!

I accidentally gave it to much heat on a section, resulting in it breaking.

You can read more here:

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