Curved Larp Weapon

So one of the major experiements i’ve been trying, is making a curved fiberglass core, thereby making it possible to create curved larp weapons, that are both durable and completely unique.

I build a form to create the curved core, i first planned on making a larger weapon, but after starting the blade i got the idea to add a handle directly onto the blade which i found looked awesome. Finally with a soldering iron, i added a bit of battle damage to the blade.

Materials Used:

  • 30mm. Plastazote LD 45 Foam
  • 10mm. Plastazote LD 45 Foam
  • 6mm. Plastazote LD 45 Foam
  • 6mm. CF100 White foam (very dense, so great for handles)
  • 3 x 3mm. flat fibreglass cores glued into one.

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