Custom Leather armguard

So i made this awesome armguard, with hand protection.

The materials needed are simply 3mm. leather, rivets and thread, along with some buckles, and optionally some glue.

I started out with measuring my arm, and seeing where i wanted it to end up, so i neded up with the basic shape of the below.

I cut out the pieces, and attach them with cobblers glue, simply because it makes it easier, but stitching it together is plenty.

I know i skipped some steps, but i made this armguard a couple of years ago, so some images are lost. I cut out the last pieces, and made holes for rivets, and the straps.

Then i simply dyed the leather.

The great thing about leather is the leather can be shaped with some luke warm water, and shaped to fit the arm perfectly.

So this is the result, i think it looks awesome, and it feels great on the arm, since it is shaped to fit.

And thats how you do that.

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