Foam Armor Bracers

The bracers in it self is quite easy to make, a single layer of foam makes up the base, with details added on it.

I build the base from 6mm. foam and added details from 3mm.

I made it so the bracer should fit around halfway around my arm.

Softening the edges

After i added the final details I went over the surfaces with a small grinder. It softens the edges, making them look better.

Finish and leather reinforcement

I finished it off with a gold and metallic finish, which i drybrushed over to make them look more worn instead of shiny.

I added a pieces of leather on the inside to cover all the inside foam, it makes it ALOT tougher and durable. The leather was glued on, and on the leather i added the small belts to tie it to my arm. Which made it able to tighten to my arm, without damaging the foam.

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