Larp orc cleaver

A short showcasing of the process of building an orc cleaver.

It may look complicated, but its all about keep adding small little details.

Materials needed:

  • Fiberglass core
  • 10mm. Plastazote LD45 Foam
  • 6mm. Plastazote LD45 Foam
  • 3mm. Plastazote LD45 Foam
  • Dana Contact Glue

I used a core with a handle from an old weapon i had around, and drew on the design i wanted on the foam, and then cut that out.

After i glued the 10mm. and two 6mm. pieces together to form the sandwhich, it was wierdly perfectly balanced.

After that and some slight sanding and carving i started adding the details, until i thought i had enough.

I finished it off with 6 black layers of latex as primer, then 2 layers of metallic, and then i dry brushed some metallic highlights and some cobber/brown color for a rusted look.

As well as added the bone color and added a wash of brown to finish it off.

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