Latex Shield *Battered look*

Materials used:

  • 30mm. Plastazote LD45 Foam
  • 10mm. Plastazote LD45 Foam
  • 6mm. Plastazote LD45 Foam
  • 3mm. Plastazote LD45 Foam
  • Latex
  • Pigments
  • Isoflex

I drew on the outline of the design and carved it out, then i drew on some of the details, and carved those out as well and started to glue them on.

It was a simple shield so i simply just kept adding details until i was satisfied.

The handle was reinforced with cloth, and then i added a 6mm sheet to cover the entirety of the back to hide the reinforcements as much as possible and to further strengthen the overall shield.

The wood effect was made with a hot tip or burner (normally used for soldering), it can help to draw on the wood effect first, but i have done it enough to just get going at it. More chaos in the look is only more natural, as long as it flows in one direction.

I sealed the foam with Latex, first 6 layers of black, followed by 3 layers of metallic (only on the parts that should be metallic), then i cleaned up with more black around all the metallic parts, and then i added the brown for the wood with a brush. The other layers were added with a spray gun, since it will greatly enhance the durability of the latex, compared to simply brushing it on.

The latex was then sealed with ISOFLEX Primer, in a single brushed on layer.

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