Two handed Larp axe

One of the coolest axes in my opinion i have ever made is definetely this one.

Materials needed:

  • 10mm. Plastazote LD 45 foam
  • 6mm. Plastazote LD 45 foam
  • 3mm. Plastazote LD 45 foam
  • Fiberglass core
  • Dana Contact glue

For this i made a design first in full scale, so it was easier for me to make it.

I reinforced the tips of the core with cloth and foam, and then added the 10mm. pieces to make up the handle of the axe.

I flattend sections on the handle, and added the axe head to it.

Though rough, it quickly helps with seeing how it’s going to look in the final.

I added a 6mm. wrap around the axe, to help with the finish and detail.

Skipping a bit, i added more details, with wood effect, rivets etc.

The tape is where the leather handle will be placed.

I finished it off with 6 layers of black latex, followed up with layers of colors. The metallic and brown highlights were dry brushed on the blade.

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