Creality Ender 3 v2

So i finally got a 3D printer, I’ve wanted to get one for sevaral years now, but finally, i got it.

I chose the ender 3 for the smaller size, and ofcourse the v2, since it was the updated version, with a lot of nice features.

It took about 2 hours for me to get it assembled, I just took my time, and made sure it all got together okey.

My first print

Since I’m very new to 3D printing, i chose to simple level the bed, and print the dog which was included with the printer.

I offset the z-axis by 0.05, since i felt the nozle was very close to the bed. But other than that, it was just a quess, and I frankly do not know how that influenced the print in the end.

It turned out really well in my opinion.


One of the things that I really like about the creality, is the many options for upgrades, which I can print myself. The first option i chose was the filament arm, to help guide it.

It took two times to print it, the first time it didn’t seem to stick right, so i used some of the print adhesion spray i bought with the printer. So that worked out really well in the end.

Future upgrades

There are many upgrades that i want to do, firstly is the BLTouch, so i can level the bed better and much easier. I also like the idea, of mounting a light strip, so i can better view what is happening.

And since the printer is right on my desk, i think dealing with the noise, even though it is very quiet, i think it could be even better.

And lastly some better handling of the cables, maybe a cable chain. It does not seem like a very good way the current handling of the cables are handled.

In conclusion

Before I bought it, I feared that there would be alot more tinkering with it, to get it to print anything. So im pleasantly surprised it works so well.

So I’m looking forward to printing even more things, and getting it incorporated into my wood working projects.

Buy it here

You can get the printer from the 3dstore here:

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