Harry Potter: The boy who eats

How bad can life be?

For Happy Lestrange, an ordinary boy from an ordinary world, after being diagnosed with stomach cancer at three, the hospital became his permanent home. As a result, he never got to make friends, never got to play, run, swim, and worst of all—eat.

His only respite to his boredom was various novels, movies, manga, and comics. But one of them stood above all others: Harry Potter.

He was always interested in its lore and slowly fell in love with everything about the Wizarding World. But the thing he envied the most was not the magic but rather the Hogwarts feasts.

So, with no cure in sight, at the age of 15, in a coma, he was put to eternal sleep. But that was not the end of the journey for Happy.

Slice of life

Happy is a truly Happy Boy, and that sums up the story pretty well, this is not really a story about overcoming true diversity and challanges, but more about a Happy kid who is blessed with literal Liquid luck as blood.

Well written

It is a shorter story, but it is written by a well known fanfiction writer Mr. Immortal, who writes great works that has a positive spin on things. And this story reflects that as well.

A downside

But a negative aspect to this is also the fact that the character will never truly experience hardships in the story, he will never truly experience consequences and therefore the story is also somewhat ´dull.

It was a fun read, I’ll give you that, but there wasn’t much excitement.

My Rating

All in all that also makes it so I can only give it 3/5 starts.


Plots & Characters


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