First and second bowl

With starting wood turning, making bowls, has by far been my biggest interest.

So setting out to try this, it ended up taking my three tries before I actually succeeded.

First try

I had some spare wood from a couple of shelf I set up at home, and thought, maybe if I glued them together I could turn that into a bowl.

It kinda worked, but when I was turning out the inside, it semi exploded and tore out the side of the bowl. Breaking right at the glue up.

So I sawed off the broken piece, finished it up and used it for my keys, it works, but not exactly a bowl.

Second try

As the second try I actually went out and bought some wood, a block of linden wood, which I was told would be a great thing to start out trying to turn.

And it was actually alot easier to turn, and the outside finish was really great!

My issue started when trying to carve out the inside, that in turn made the mortise I made for the chuck to hold, break and sent the piece flying away, never to be used again.

Third times the charm

Finally, I decided to try again! I finished the outside, sanded it to 600 grit, it was smooth and i really liked the look of it. I added the mortise for the chuck, flipped the piece around and started to carve out the inside.. And yet again it broke even worse than before, and fell off the chuck!


Luckily I hadn’t made much progress in turning the inside, so i could remount it with the plate and screws. And after some advice from a facebook group, I made a Tenon instead of a mortise. So instead of making the pressure go outward, it was gripping in instead.

And that finally seemed to do the trick!

And with my new platter i was able to finish the inside to a much better degree than I had been able to before, it turned out really great for my first proper bowl.

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