Garden chairs

So I finally decided to start making some garden chairs for my new place.

The chairs them selves are simple enough, I bought some cheap wood from the local hardware store, and set to building them.

I started cutting up the pieces, and glueing the pieces I wanted to have a double height.

I chose to use pocket holes for my screws, since I like how they look more than just screwing them directly in.

The seat is also just a frame with supports in the middle, since I will be using a hefty cushion for it. The sides were glued and screwed to the seat, and the double front was added for extra support.

The back is another frame, with supports, this time I flipped the middle to their widest, for better comfort. Then I cut the bottom of the chair at an angle, and screwed and glued it in place.

I sanded them down slightly, and then applied a good and heavy stain to it.

And voila, done.

Each chair cost me around 50 usd to make.

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