Wood Lathe table stand

So when my plans on getting more into wood turning, i am in need of a dedicated table for just that. So i decided to build a simple table with a solid top. and maybe a shelf or two.

I made a drawing of the my thoughts regarding how i wanted the frame to be.

I am planning on getting the MC1420VDA, since it has a size that can accomate most if not all the projects i plan to do. It has a powerfull motor with a lot of torgue. Can turn in both directions and has a variable speed all the way down to 250 rpm.

You can get it here: https://www.traedrejerbutikken.dk/shop/mc1420vda-priser-fra-3079p.html

And at the end i plan on having space for a grinder for the tools, TDB nts 250

You can get it here: https://www.traedrejerbutikken.dk/shop/nts250-tdb-vaadsliber-1501p.html

Now to the build it self:

The top i made from 12 pieces of wood cut to size, i made it a bit larger than the final result, so i can cut it to the correct size after the finishing.

This was only my third time glueing up something this large, and i still have trouble with it. It took a lot of planing, and sanding to get it somewhat flat, but its nowhere perfect, but thankfully it doesn’t have to be.

The finished size is 140 x 45 cm. Enough for the lathe and a grinder.

I finished it off with a burned finish, which i then sanded down to get it back to smooth.

I tried the trick with wetting the surface first, and then sanding, and then burned it, sanded it. And then oil. And it turned out great, and really smooth.

I made the legs with a bit of simple joinery, (since im new to it, it was about as complicated as i could figure out to do) They are just meant to take the weight of the whole thing well, i did not glue them up, since its close to freezing in my workshop atm. and i have no way of actually heating it up properly.


I screwed the frame together with pocket screws, and very solid pieces of wood, so it should be able to handle quite alot of abuse. I made a “half” shelf, since i have a small drill press i want to store underneath. Which i braced with an angled piece of wood with 3 screws in each end.
It is rock solid.

I mounted the top by simply screwing through the frame and into the table

All that is left, is to make some feet for it, which will just be a piece of wood screwed into the side, to make it more stable, and prevent it from tipping.

All in all, im happy with the project, and i think i will fit nicely with the lathe.

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