Wooden cups – My first project

So i bought a block of wood, and i thought, what could i make of this. And ofcourse i thought why not make a cup, or three?

Rough turning

I rough turned it down to round, and then split up the length for 3 cups in total.

With that I rough turned the cups, and tried making the same dimensions as much as I could.

Turning and hollowing

With the rough turning of all three, I cut them up into each piece, and finished the shaping of the outside. Then i drilled out the inside as much as I could, and finished carving out the inside.

My first cup

With the first one done, I certainly learned alot, also realised I needed a better tool for finishing the inside, so for the next once I’m going to be making, I will finish the inside off with a “platter” iron. But for my first attempt, I think I did rather good.

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