Work Table

I have liked working with wood for about as long as i can remember, not that i had many chances to do so, other than school.

So now that i had the chance to finally make something i decided to make my self a simple but sturdy workshop table.

I found my inspiration on Pinterest, one of those was this one:

Although i wanted it to be much beefer. So i choose to use posts that were 100 x 100mm. for the legs, and for the frame i used 47 x 100mm. so i would have a very sturdy frame to work on.

I used 12mm. plywood as a shelf, and lastly i used 38 x 57 mm. for the table top glued together.

My Process was to make the top first, since it would require for the glue to set over night.

I used dowels to connect each piece.

I finished up with burning the surface and sanding it down, and finishing with oil for indoor use.

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