Im getting into wood turning

So i have for quite a while liked the idea of turning wood on a lathe. I love working with wood in general, but im not so much into just making cabinets and furniture. Well at least not yet.

I got a cheap wood lathe for a christmas present in 2019, but never got the tools for it, to start turning, so it was first in October of 2020, that i finally bought some.

Its a simple Scheppach, with extension, but since the motor is very underpowered i doubt it would ever be able to spin something that large. But i thought it would be great for me to figure out if this is something i would like to dabble with further.

I glued up some pinetree i had layout around (i later found out that, it sucks for turning since its way too soft!) and then planed it down so it was straight, and the i planed the corners to make it more round.

I saw a pinterest about first time turning, that making a wooden mallet would be a doable project, and letting me learn some techniques. I think it went alot better than i thought it would, though i am having trouble not being able to sharpen my tools properly.

I tried turning some harder wood into a “wand” since again that was mentioned. But the first one i turned down the size of the entire thing at the same time, making it vibrate and finally just snapping. I had a small spare piece which i tried again to turn, by turning it from the smallest point away from the motor, which seemed to work out alot better.

I think the next part i need to do, is try to get a bench grinder, and a jig, so i can sharpen my tools properly, and lastly get some better wood.

But i’m definetely interested in doing some more turning.

Just need more tools like always.

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